hile, old friend.
it's been a while since i've picked up the dark tower.
since spring semester ended i've reread The Drawing of the Three (DT2) and Wizard and Glass (DT4),
and i'm currently making my way through The Dark Tower (DT7).
there's nothing like the magic of reading it the first time, but most of the story has not lost its charm (if you ken it).

today, an epiphany.
i realized i'm not so transparent- my teacher acknowledged my existence.
until that moment, i wasn't even sure she knew my name.
but today she asked what i thought of class now that it was nearing it's end.
she said i looked skeptical when she first told us what we were supposed to cover in the few weeks we had together.
but now, we are fait accompli! soon to have our final exam!
i think, i am not so skeptical now. we did a lot of work. hopefully it will pay off.


had a hole in my glove today when i was doing gram stains.
i have one crystal violet finger now- it'll be purple for the rest of the week, i presume. :P


(am i perennially with a coffee cup in my hand?)

good afternoon!
headaches are gone, finally!
i'm in a good mood today-
listening to all my blink-182 faves while studying for monday's micro exam. ate some grapes for breakfast (really sweet from costco right now. the very round, red ones in a box, not the oval ones in a package) and having my coffee, waiting for my sister to wake up so i can take (drag) her to the beach.
yes. the beach. it calls me. i've been away too long. :)


RT @valdezign Bumper sticker on landscaping truck: "ARBORISTS ARE TREEMENDOUS". Har har.


i'm mildly lactose intolerant.
but it seems that the intolerance is progressing and i can no longer handle cheesecake.
it's only been two days and i miss it already.
cheeeeeesecake. U_______U  how i miss thee.

Add "(EOM)" to the subject of one-liner messages.

If you ever want to send a quick note where the subject is the entire message (like "Want to grab lunch at 12:30?"), but are annoyed when Gmail prompts you to add body text, just type "EOM" or "(EOM)" at the end of the subject line (short for End Of Message), and Gmail will politely send the message without the extra prompt.

for more Gmail tips go to:


cautiously, i proposed chromatography to separate the dna.
matt said it's viable, but gel would probably show better results.
in fact, he said, in the old days chromatography was THE way to do it.
he said we should be able to see the bands on a 4% gel, but good thinking on my part.

i would also like to note that i saw a beautiful sputum smear in class today.  definitely a clear case of pneumonia- lots of strep pneumo, a little haemophilus, and lots of WBCs with little epi cells.  poor patient.  but awesome microscopy day for me.

and ever since we looked at parasites in class, i've been getting these nightmares where i'm in my old house and i'm sitting on the floor in teh living room and i open jars of stuff and bugs fly out!  at me!  zomg, i've been sleeping badly recently because of this.... keep waking up half screaming.  guh.  good thing only a few more classes of this stuff...




omg, just now, after writing my previous post i got an idea: chromatography! 
i'm going to propose this to matt....

more info on chromatography (in plain english):


the Peb1 saga continues.
i grew up my three plates of E. coli:
P2x, c2x, and pMAL p2x
and they looked good (got isolation!)
so they get wrapped up and put in the fridge until we can mini prep/pcr.

we are going to run them side by side with unmodified p2x and c2x to verify.
the cut sizes are:

p2x (6721bp) cuts with PvuII at 1032, 1125, 2898 and 6077 (not including insert)
c2x (6646 bp) cuts with PvuII at 1032, 1125, 2823 and 6002 (not including insert)

and herein lies a problem....
the base pairs are so close will we be able to see the differences on the gel?  there's only a difference of 75bp in the third cut and 75 bp in the last cut. 
each base pair is an alphabet (you know, dna is made up of the letters GTAC).  75 letters.  not much at all.
suppose we can't see it even on a 3% gel.  how can we tell them apart?

so we've been shopping for ideas- other ways we can compare- in case the gel doesn't work.

and that is when i realized i had misunderstood the pMAL.  i thought it was FROM campy, but in fact it is the plasmid from E. coli.
it is a plasmid from E. coli and can be inserted into E. coli and is able to be modified.
we are modifying it (at the "multirestriction site"/cloning site) with Peb1.  we are sticking peb1 into the pMAL plasmid allowing E. coli to clone it for us!
so, pardon my mistake in the previous post, where i had said that p2x comes from campy.  it is the peb1 that comes from campy (in 2 forms periplasm: p2x or cytoplasm c2x).
at least i think so.  man, it's hard to digest all of this.
here's a map of pMAL p2x of E. coli

and if anyoneeeeeeeeeeeee has ideas how we can compare the two plasmids, i'm eternally greatful!


i started my antibody project today.
they say you learn better when you teach, so here goes my little explanation. the more i talk about it, the more i can wrap my hear around the concept. i'm really excited about this, hope it's not too boring!

what is Peb1 and why is it important?
Campylobacter is a gram negative bacteria that may cause gastroenteritis (and other) sickness in humans. it is suspected that the cause is a gene, Peb1. this is not confirmed. Campy causes lots of different problems for different people. this is because each person has their own "repertoire" of immunity; each person reacts differently and to different parts of the campy gene. we make antibodies against proteins not recognized as self; we make antibodies to antigens. the goal of this project is to create a hybridoma: a cell line that produces antibodies to Peb1 and is immortal. this will be achieved by combining a cancer cell, which is immortal (it lives forever if you keep feeding it because it cannot turn itself off), and an antibody to Peb1. this hybridoma can then be used indefinitely to create antibiotics.

where will the Peb1 antibody come from?
Peb1 will be taken out of campy and put into an E. coli plasmid (the clone). This plasmid is then transfered to another E. coli (subclone/triparental mating). E. coli will grow a lot of the plasmid for us and it will have an epitope attached. an epitope is a specific binding site where antigen and antibody meet. we will use the epitope to pull out all the Peb1 gene and attach it to a column. the other, unneeded proteins will fall away, leaving the Peb1 attached. an enzyme will then be added to cut away the epitope. this pure Peb1 will then be injected into mice who will naturally produce antibodies to Peb1.

how was Peb1 taken out of campy?
... i have to think about this. all i can say for sure is that there's a company that will sequence dna or rna for $2.50

about mutations & specificity/why Peb1 is put in E. coli
... this is a long story for tomorrow's entry.

p2x vs. c2x
.. i very well can't explain this until i talk about...

general biology
• gm- vs. gm+
• peptidoglycan
•perimembrane space
• folding of proteins

(are you sleeping yet?)

ampicillin & E. coli
ampicillin is a beta-lactam drug (i think... i have to double check). it inhibits most gm+ bacteria and lots of other bacterias. but E. coli is resistant to it. the only other contaminant you are likely run into is pseudomonas (that shit grows on everything!) and even that might not happen if you practice good aseptic technique. if you grow your E. coli containing the plasmid on TSA plates (no enrichement in the media) coated with ampicillin, only the E. coli will grow and the plasmid will not get turned on until the synthetic IPTG is added.

how do we know Peb1 is actually in E. coli if there is chance of mutation?
no, we can't really see Peb1. so how do we know it's there are so many variables?! and how will we know we are really growing Peb1 and it is not contaminated? that is my first step.

I. Confirmation of the plasmid
A. cover 3 TSA plates with 60µl of ampicillin
B. innoculate plates, flame in between and streak for isolation
1. one plate will contain p2x
2. one plate will contain c2x
3. one plate will contain peb1 p2x 5# (i think... i have to double check)
C. incubate plates for 24-48 hrs. at 37ºC
D. check results

that's it for now! if you got questions, you should ask- it makes my brain work. :)


i just bought:



Matt wrote me a protocol, looks like i get to do my peb1 project afterall!

let's sing the PCR song and celebrate!

*note the comments on this video. 50% are "AWESOMEEEEEE!" and the other 50% are "freakiest nerd shit a ever seen". the comments are probably just as funny as the song.


i posted this in my gaia journal, on this date in 2008:


decongestants make you sleepy

so maybe i'll post something better when i'm at work tomorrow.
for now, random junk.

robot chairs:

whenever layne picks me up or drops me off
he always locks the doors when i get in or out of the car.
makes me feel very safe-
and i'm very grateful that someone in this world still cares enough about the details.
i KNOW that my other friends could careless about locking doors.
(except maybe danny because his car got ripped off several times.
still, layne waits till i hop out of the car and then checks to make sure the doors are locked.
danny is like, "everybody out and lock your doors, ok!" but i don't know if he actually checks.)

sometimes i also wonder if he's just paranoid.
he always tells me that he feels paranoid, like i'm going to attack him with a knife or something and then drag his body off on the "slice of life" and drop him off at the dumping grounds. (dexter reference, hahaaa) or if he asks what i'm doing and i say "i'm busy" he'll ask, "are you choppin up people for science?".
joking, i know.
but still, there's truth behind a joke.

one day i will ask him why he locks the doors.

the end.




this week the STEM center is hosting some high schoolers for the "SummerBridge" program. students spend some time in different disciplines learning about the cool stuff that they can do at KCC. (a really great program- lots of hands on projects, plus free lunch, and exposure to cool science. although it is also a very good marketing ploy...) Matt has a class that he's teaching some basic micro to and i got to help out a little and run some of their experiments (can't work on my protein research till he writes me a protocol). the class was fairly interested and matt turns out to be an exciting professor. he's pretty mellow every time i talk to him but he really does a great job in front of a class. he was nice and loud and didn't linger on any one subject for too long. also very engaging with the class.
my favorite conversation of the day was in the introductions. he tells the class (about 20 of them)
i'm matt, have my phd in micro, i teach at kcc, etc. etc.
then he introduces us
andrew is studying micro under matt
sha has a bs in micro from uh
and i'm in mlt at kcc.
then he introduces john and another student assistant (can't remember his name):
"if you need any help you can also ask dr. b, in the back over there... but not today. he's very busy with his own experiement- he's having sex."
*class is puzzled. andrew and i are cracking up.*
"he's mating two bacteria..."
*john chimes in*
"actually, we're having a three-way!"
*the class is O________o , andrew and i are laughing it up, so matt clarifies*
"this is tri-parental mating! two E. coli have been mated and now they are going to combine it with a campy!"


other things that came up today
- "open your swabs using aseptic technique- like peeling a banana"
- "37ºC is what in Fahrenheit? it's 98º just like the boy band"
- "sleeping in this class is not my problem- putting your head down on the bacteria desk is my problem!"

so, it was a very fun afternoon for me. i even got to steal some TSAs and do their labs, too. we'll see if wasabi is bacterialstatic to P. aeruginosa and E. coli tomorrow and if my religious listerine-ing has any affect on them, as well. this is also my first observation of matt as a teacher, looks like his tissue culture class in fall should be just as exciting.

it's so nice to have a blog where i can just throw out my science fascination. no one else likes to listen to my micro adventures.

Fwd: Projects "shopping list"

 i got some options.  maybe this summer will be cool.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

On Jun 10, 2009, at 9:23 AM, CW wrote:

You mentioned on tuesday you had a list of projects I can work on.  Please send it to me if you have time (or bring it to class), I'm interested in working on something!  So far, the mouse antibody project sounds exciting. 

thank you,


From: MattT
Date: Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 2:44 PM
Subject: Re: Projects "shopping list"
To: CW

1. I've got Taq polymerase in a plasmid in E. coli, Sha will probably do a crude harvest of it and we'll see if we can use this enzyme for PCR.
2. I've got a Peb1 gene in a plasmid in E.coli.  I cloned this gene out of Campylobacter and some believe it is an important protein that helps Campy damage humans.  The next work is to get E. coli to express the gene (feed them a chemical), break the cells and see if indeed the Peb1 protein is there.  This involves running a protein gel and doing immunoblotting (Western).  If Peb1 is being made we can then purify a lot of it and give it to JB... he'll inject it into mice and ultimately make antibodies against Peb1.
3. I have a black market way to build cloning plasmids, this a project I have to work on myself though.
4. We have some reagents to do Real-time PCR:
-harvest RNA from cells
-reverse transcribe the RNA into DNA
-amplify DNA
-use a PCR machine that has an optical head that measure the amount of DNA at each cycle of PCR (hence "Real-time")
-the goal would be to measure RNA levels (gene expression) of a gene between different cells (mouse v. human, cancer v. normal...)

    Besides the DNA digestion work CM is doing the above are my more pressing projects.  However, if you can think of something that is interesting, we could use in classes and are able to do out here with the given resources I'm all ears.  Think about whatevers and we'll chat more whenevers.

Fwd: a sad day

oh well. 
"such is lab work"

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: MattT
Date: Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 2:51 PM
Subject: a sad day
To: CM
Cc: CW


-HI strain didn't grow up that well but I went with it anyway
            HI @ 200 ul = 0.5 ng/ul
            MJ1 @ 500 ul = 0.5 ng/ul
            MJ1 @ 300 ul = 0.4 ng/ul
-so this is way too little to see on a gel, the O.D. is barely above background so it looks like a failure
-next time we'll take Vf plates, scrape into GVM broth, pellet and use the DNA easy kit during the week after next

     So it is sad, but such is lab work.  I have higher hopes with the other extraction method and will email the company today to see if any improvements can be made to the digest.  Thank you both for your help.



A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's
the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead 

We must take sides, neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. -- Elie Wiesel

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
-- Charles Darwin


please read this editorial if you or someone you know are a HARD WORKING government employee.
i'm technically a state employee since i work on campus at a public school. furthermore, my work is funded by a federal grant. i like to think i am a dedicated worker. no matter if i was working here or in the private sector, if you know me, you know i am a stickler for good work ethics. it really ticks me off if you do not pull your weight at work. maybe i'm not 100% on task everyday but i make sure my job gets done when it needs to be.
i think this comes from too many bad memories of failing classmates on a group project. i guess i should also point out: i hate group work. somehow it always comes down to things not getting done the way you want it nor on time. if you do things yourself you only have yourself to blame for short comings. on the other hand, i guess it's circumstantial- i DID NOT like my immunology lab partner. she did her share of tasks but i was constantly worried it was not right because she often did not understand the concepts of the labs. in the end, i let her copy my lab reports so she would stop asking me questions. i DID like working with my chem lab partner. he would say "let's do this thing!" and grab the goggles and flasks and start setting up the titrations while i measured out all the solns. then we would run the experiment. then i would clean up while he started the calculations. then i'd finish up the calcs and we'd double check every problem before leaving. pure efficiency.
speaking of which, i better check my emails and study my flow charts for tomorrow.
don't forget to read the article!!!!


I was in the micro lab this afternoon with christine and johnb came in
and asked if we could run a gel for him.
No normo coversations ever happen with him.
First off, he said he was sorry that he didn't ask us earlier (it was
already 2pm-ish); he had to "go down to the police station with dr.
Affiah and naomi
to pick up a new [fume] hood that they are donating to our classroom."
Ho man! I thought he was going to say they attacked each other and
were taken down there in the back of a paddy wagon! After he walked
out, christine and I were laughing- she was thinking the same thing!
We were sure that he was going there to pick SOMEONE up instead of
Later on he said he was going out and if we could take a picture of
the gel for him and make sure to include the wells. Ok, that's fine
with us. But then he mentioned that he was going out... To a
protest. Yes, a protest at kapi'olani park. Apparently they staging
a protest against the proposed raise of parking fee from 25 cents to
$1.50 and he wasn't happy about that. Not something you hear about
everyday. Christine said ok and told him not to get in trouble. Jb
responded by saying he was almost arrested over the weekend for
loitering! He said it was 2am and he was watching the moon set with
his friends after attending the punahou graduation, when a cop told
them to get lost! LOL!
So he left for the protest and I made the gel and ran it and he
returned just after I finished the photos of it. I asked him how the
protest went and he said there was no one there! And then added,
"maybe it was yesterday..."
Man, I love micro professors.


It seems that I'm having technical difficulties with the facebook so I
think it's time for a break.
My only regrets are unfinished scrabble games and less love letters.


this is the original (live?) version of lazy eye by silversun pickups.
the album single is faster and edited.
you can hear the lyrics really well in this version and there is more distortion in the riffs.

here's some comments on this video:


went to volunteer
went to the library
went to walmart
went home
read my staph/strep lab
went to safeway
went to layne's house
watched samurai champloo
went to layne's cousin's house
met up with layne's cousin back from japan (a one day surprise!)
met up with don
walked to rhs
went to rhs graduation
met up with nina, jamie, and devin
saw dima
saw alex
met up with the rest of the aunties and uncles and cousins
met up with chad "yogi"
walked back the house
ate spaghetti
washed some dishes
was joined by chungie and myla
watched some guitar playing
went to walmart
went to 7-11
went to a house in papakolea
went back to layne's cousin's house
went home


i'm not really angry.
just grouchy.
from crazy coworkers.
and lots of tasks to do.
i used to listen to lots of happy music at work so i am in the mood to work faster,
now i listen to lots of angry music.

but i like this song a lot.
(i know i've posted it before)
no need for motivation anymore- faster i get my things done the faster i can get back to the sunshine!
i really really really would like to have my office outdoors!


UO has just released LSTN vol. 5!

download yourself some free love.


get your RSS on!

official white house photo stream:

richiety (often takes photos of the sky):

jisuk (animator extraordinare and cool blogger):

shorpy (100 year old photo blog- amazing quality, mostly glass negative scans!)

shelley and joachim (fashionista and photographers):

vivcore (lifestyle lolita):

nancy (chinese illustrator):

dadaya (maker of tinytoadstool!):


CA: anyway you can do the cleaning up before i get here
and then i'll give you super fun moving stuff over work

CW: ok
clean up clean up...
in teh nativeplants db, right?

CA: yeah
remove empty lines, but make sure the line is really empty by clicking pencil

CW: okies

CA: then remove ,|| from beginning of some of the inventory bits


one of my monitors is smaller than the other.
and i got my spreadsheet stuck on one side. :P


We got some expired test kits to play around with in the lab this week.
sharla, christine, and i swabbed our noses, grew some cultures, then digested the proteins of some staph cultures.
then we did a latex agglutination test to find out: none of us have MRSA.

MRSA is  Methycillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus.
it's becoming a really big deal these days.
most people have staph as part of their normal flora.  it's one of the most common nosocomial infections and is an opportunistic pathogen- if it gets to a part of your body where it doesn't belong (in the bloodstream, in the gut, in your tear duct, etc.) or when you are immunocompromised, you can get very sick!  staph can be killed with drugs such as methycillin but certain strains are becoming immune to the drugs.  if you can't recover you are on your way to a speedy death!  it's such a health hazard and so common that many hospitals (but not in hawaii, that i know of) are trying to screen ALL incoming patients and isolating them if MRSA is detected.  that means, even if you are not currently infected but still have MRSA on your skin, you can still be isolated.  what's scarier is if you are a health care worker and test positive- who knows what could happen!  would you lose your job?  even if it's in your normal flora?  i wonder if this is discrimination?

possible problems with our test
- they were expired kits. don't know if the reagents were still good. (although the control was working.  we think. it was a negative control, bizarre.  so if it shows no results then it means it's negative for MRSA.  but if it wasn't working would it show negative or no results or would it be positive?)
- don't know for sure if we were picking staph aureus from our cultures (there was one for sure, we grew it up on a mannitol salt plate.  which is waaaaay cool, btw.  it's a pink plate that turns yellow if coagulase-positive staph colonies grow! ) for the other two samples we took it off a mueller hinton plate... just picked some yellowish colonies.  we're pretty sure it's staph.  but not 100% sure.  maybe it was a staph but maybe not a staph aureus.  don't know that for sure either.
- s. aureus colonies were not currently expressing the MRSA gene.
- human error w/procedure

i think i'll just go with the results, though.
MRSA free... yaaaaaaay....


that's because i took
pre-alg (2 times)
alg I
alg II (3 times)
alg III / trig (2 times)

after that much, i would hope to be pretty handy at it!
all other math i'm very lousy at.
i think it's a mutual loathing.

i thought i was done with math!
turns out, if i want a BA in micro from UH then i need to take calc I !
and if i want a BS in micro from UH then i need to take calc II !
and even more bizarre, they both require physics 151, 151L, 152, 152L !

so i'm taking MATH 140 (pre calc) online now. (my teacher is on maui!)
and it's actually pretty good! the program we're using is quite helpful.
then again, it's still the first section- mostly things i've seen before.
however, i won't give myself too much credit here. i haven't had math in two... three years or so. i don't remember this at all!
if you ever pondered an online math class,
if it uses the coursecompass "mymathlab" program, i'd say go for it!




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