iWant: pink longboard

Madrid Chixi Stix 

Hard candy for your soul!

Gullwing Charger 9" Trucks

70mm Cadillac Wheels

Comes in Pink & Black or Pink & White


Are There Any Questions?

Are There Any Questions?: "
Click image to enlarge

TITLE: Frequently Asked Questions:

MESSAGE: Parking Violation Payment Locations:
1. For your convenience, Parking Violations can be paid On-Line or Pay By Phone at: Parking Citation Services 240-453-0113
(Credit Cards Only)

Online Ticket Payment (click on link)

Snarky comment: Yeah, I have some questions for Montgomery County, Maryland: Where are the questions? And why is your online ticket payment page so hideously designed, written, and organized?

What's wrong here?
  1. There are no questions on this page. The page has nothing to do with questions--it's a ticket payment page. Why the Frequently Asked Questions heading?
  2. The page has multiple levels of headings, each with unnecessary colons.
  3. The deeper you get into the content, the larger the font gets.
  4. There's inconsistent (and incorrect) use of capitalization throughout the page.
  5. The click on link instructions are not only unnecessary, but not helpful. If you don't know to click on the link, you probably also don't know what a link is.
  6. Anyone else notice that trailing space on the link?

Source: www.montgomerycountymd.gov


1. Get 3 fresh buccals and Lyse-n-Go them

2. While the lysing is occurring prepare the PCR rxns, below is for 1 tube:

5ul Lyse-n-Go

25ul go green

1ul keratin sense

1ul keratin as

18ul water

FV = 50ul

3. Once lysis is holding at 80C add the 5ul to the PCR mix, pulse vortex and pellet

4. Run the PCR cycles at the highest temp that still gave good pdt previously

5. Load and run 15ul, hope for a single, strong band

-if no bands appear don’t use the sample

-if a second band appears over 50bp don’t use the sample

-if a second band is below 50bp use the sample

-if you have a single band use the sample

6. Take any good samples to column purification

7. In the last step of column purification add 30ul of elution buffer and let it sit in the column for 1

minute to allow for a greater concentration (rather than the usual 50ul)

8. Take 5ul of eluate to spectroscopy and hope we have enough at a high enough concentration

to move onto sequencing


in molec bio we were talking about genomes and karyotypes.

have you heard of huntington's disease?

in huntington's disease you have repeating sequences of CAG (as in nucleotide bases) in the middle of chromosome 4.

when DNA is being replicated polymerase goes down the line... CAGCAGCAGCAGCAGCAGCAG... and then goes "oh shit, where was i? i'll just throw in another CAG for good measure." so everytime DNA is replicated more CAGs get thrown in.

and CAG codes for the amino acid, glucine. it's really sticky.

so tons of glucine is made in your cell. more than enough glucine is made.

and the cell gets so overloaded, it kills itself.

so you start to lose cells... which means losing neuro functions...

and you die before age 65.

if you have more than 28 repeating CAGs on your chromosome, you might be at risk. once you have 35 CAGs or more, you're pretty much served the death sentence.

mattT was like, you know, we could make a test for that. pcr the front end and back end of the CAG and measure it on a gel. we could find out if you're going to die sooner than later.


i vote yes. i'd want to know. i need to know.

what about you? would you want to know if you are going to die at 65?

hell, would you want to get a karyotype of your dna and see all the diseases you may encounter in your life time?

just my question to the world...


i forgot to mention.
on monday i sold my soul to UH.
turned in a fall 2010 app for the microbiology program.

iWant -- via NOTCOUTURE #5174 - Tiny working scissors charm necklace by Garnett...

#5174 - Tiny working scissors charm necklace by Garnett...: "

Tiny working scissors charm necklace by Garnett Jewelry. Snip! Snip!

(Want more? See NotCouture.com)"

via Zeruda: princess

i love zeruda's style!

princess: "

Today I look like this!


WIWT -- way out

wonder more
want, more
than we did before
Try the new tease
Well, quiet you
Get over me

Fwd: tomorrow:

Genomic work to do!
check out my photo blogging of science:
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: MattT
Date: Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 3:30 PM
Subject: tomorrow:

Now we get to the sticky part of the class.  Our experiments should work, yet in the past I've had poor overall success.  What we will be doing is indeed trial and error, such is science.  On Tuesday I will lecture a little on DNA and then we'll set up restriction digestions of our genomic DNA.  There is no quiz.


So I need you to calculate the following:

1. How much genomic is needed to put 2ug in a tube to reach a FV of 15ul with the addition of water

2. How to set up a restriction digestion given the following information:

2 ug of genomic DNA

1ul of EcoRI

Xul of 10x buffer

FV = 15 ul

3. Set up a SalI digestion:

10ug of genomic DNA

15u/ug of enzyme to DNA if the enzyme comes at a concentration of 10u/ul

how much 10x buffer?

how much water?

reach some final volume (it should be around 150ul)


So in other words, review how to set up digestions and we'll do it at the end of class.  I've mapped out a strategy for the next 3 classes, cross your fingers!


sharit: can you fix the nph photos that are sized too small?

Sent at 1:22 PM on Monday
C: okies

Sent at 1:29 PM on Monday
sharit: please let me knwo when you are pau with fixing the small nph images

C: will do

sharit: when pau, resume work on ted's photos. i'm going to clean up and create a new master list for NPH photos. we need to sync our records

C: yes ma'am !

sharit: for now, keep the new sized photos in a separate folder so it's easier to merge
thanks. :)

abutilon menzesii 11


so, you may know that i have this obsession with robots.
well, i was thinking about the how robots can monitor growth.  such as using an arduino to watch the growth of plants or algae and other things and then it alerts you when the levels are off. 
so then i started wondering what else you could use it for.  and the most fastidious growing thing i could think of was tissue culture.  you have to watch the temperature, the pH, the carbon dioxide, change the media (containing vitamins, serum, salt, aminos, antibodies...) as well as keep it 100% aseptic.  so, the perfect thing for a robot to manage for you!  imagine if you just had a probe + tubing that would feed the culture directly!  you wouldn't have to worry about opening and closing the container all the time!  and the tubing would attach to reagents (so... media and a heating element, and a co2 emitter, etc.) so the only maintenence would be to change reagents when it gets low.  i'm not 100% sure but they might even have a machine like this (or like this?).  basically, a machine that monitors and feeds a living organism.
so then i started thinking, wouldn't it be cool if it was even more self contained.  it could have a bio cell battery.  it functions by changes in chemical ph. 
and that's when i realized that is probablly the most evil thought i have ever conjured.
imagine a robot that grows human cells.  cells that turn media acidic as it grows.  old acidic media is flushed from the culture.  and the acidic solution powers a battery.  that powers the robot.  OMG. 
i mean, a genius idea if you think about it- the whole purpose of the robot is to grow cells for us and monitor the cells it grows.
but if it can do that, how hard is it to code one more function into the damn thing such as movement?  or playing a sound.  or destroying all of mankind.  OMG.


and i figured it was coming.
but still, i'm pausing a moment in rememberance.
i had a site there, once upon a time.
i used tags such as marquee and tiled backgrounds of animated GIFs (falling snowflakes & blinking hearts?).
and i had a "toybox" of pixel art.  fruits and blinky words and cute candy.
to send off geocities in grad style, XKCD has redeisgned their webpage.
(make sure to view the source code for more funnies)



my sister showed this to me.

how to get up, eat breakfast and get ready for work in 5 minutes!

VIA @l3379lad180r: Alan Wong's Restaurant + Surf Lanai | Honolulu, Hawaii

i'm getting hungry! an awesome review by @l3379lad180r:

Alan Wong's Restaurant + Surf Lanai | Honolulu, Hawaii: "Last week Friday we had the most epic date night. Thanks to a generous gift certificate for Alan Wong's Restaurant and our Waikiki Gold Card, we were able to indulge in a little bit of awesomeness, without over-spending.

Alan Wong's Restaurant
1857 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 949-2526

The Royal Hawaiian - Surf Lanai Restaurant
2259 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI
(808) 931-7194 ‎

Dinner was at the prestigious Alan Wong's Restaurant.

Wifey started with the Lychee Colada cocktail. It's a spin on the traditional piña colada with lychee in place of pineapple juice.

As the designated driver, I opted for the Plantation Iced Tea.

We started with the Hamakua Springs Tomato, Beet and Avocado Salad. The Li Hing Mui Ume Vinaigrette is amazing. Neither flavor was overly stated and it brought a whole new level of complexity to the dish.

Appetizer number 2 was the warm asparagus. It was good, but not extraordinary.

They were more than helpful in accommodating wifey's vegetarian diet. Here is a special Ginger Crusted Tofu (basically, it's the Ginger Crusted Onaga off the menu, with tofu instead of fish). Thanks to @ryankanno for suggesting we ask about this specific dish.

Along with wifey's dish came this side of potato.

My entrée was one of their specials that evening: the Surf and Turf. It was a petite tenderloin (cooked medium-rare, of course) with seafood risotto, topped with a poached egg. You can tell from the flavor that the beef was grass-fed and the seafood was fresh. Everything was cooked perfectly; nothing was overdone.

Dessert was Five Spoons of Brulees. An interesting concept, but not quite as satisfying as a other crème brûlée dishes we've had.

We spend the night at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel - a mini stay-cation, if you will. So for breakfast the next day, we decided to check out the Surf Lanai restaurant. The started us off with a nice sized basket of various breads.

Wifey ordered the vegetarian pizza. The crust was very thin and she said it tasted like everything came straight from the farmer's market.

Here are the fries that came with my sandwich.

I ordered the Kalua Pork Sliders. There was a bonus slice of Portuguese Sausage in each one. I love the 'gourmet' take on local favorites.

Customized Star Wars Shoes

Customized Star Wars Shoes: "


Bonnie Burton, our crafty pal over at the official Star Wars blog, shares an interview with Star Wars devotee, Damian Dayton, who customizes his shoes based on his favorite characters from the films. He explains his tips and tricks for making your own. I'm thinking I may need to make a pair of these for my Star Wars-obsessed son, and then .... a pair for myself.

Read this article | Comment on this article"


1. create a case study for clinical chemistry
2. develop a procedure for knocking out the gene producing caffeine from coffee beans
3. write study questions on electrolytes
4. buy scantrons
5. (GGT and LDH quiz on wednesday)
6. figure out how to dress like harry potter character for office halloween theme
7. buy milk tea
8. take over the world and recruit minions

Everyman: 1940



Sent to you by Miss C. via Google Reader:


May 1940. "Untitled." Mr. U and the rest of the Untitleds somewhere near Durham, North Carolina. 35mm nitrate negative by Jack Delano. View full size.


Things you can do from here:


pink, pinker, pinkest

i <3 zeruda!


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via Zeruda by Zeruda on 10/20/09


Things you can do from here:




i have a pinched nerve. *ouchies*
and i hate to admit it but i think it came from #tweeball .

i've decided physical exertion is not my forte.

iWant -- NARS

i want this.


Growth of P3 Cells

i'm writing a lab report for tissue culture.
feel free to come watch my progress in real time:

i'll be working on it all day until i finish, but am taking a break from 3-5p for
#tweeball 2: The Injuries Strike Back!
feel free to join us, irl, too! 3pm at booth park.

#25589 - It's the word of the day with a twist:...

#25589 - It's the word of the day with a twist:...: "

It's the word of the day with a twist: sometimes things are easier to learn when sex, drugs, insults and fucking swearing are involved. So get the rss feed and improve your fucking lexicon!

(Want more? See NOTCOT.org and NOTCOT.com)"

#25590 - The Rocking Green Horse is entirely made of...

#25590 - The Rocking Green Horse is entirely made of...: "

The Rocking Green Horse is entirely made of reclaimed oak wood from French wine barrels.

(Want more? See NOTCOT.org and NOTCOT.com)"




i miss phlebotomy.
and i want blood banking to start.
fuck clinical chemistry.
i even liked micro better than chemistry.
next thursday we are going to the honolulu crime lab.
mayhaps we'll see some blood there.

clin chem is just driving me bezonkers. 



Pisonia spp.

have you ever heard of a plant called Pisonia?
sounds like something to eat
alas, i've learned that none of the true native hawaiian plants are edible.

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

is this coming out in america? i am dying to see it! the visuals are absolutely stunning!
plus: johnny depp, heath ledger, collin farrell, jude law and direction by terry gilliam. <3 !


did you noticed i reconfigured the layout a little?
added some widgets, removed some widgets.
what i really want is 3 COLUMNS.
i almost decided to go back to xanga or wordpress.
for the three columns.
i love my widgets.
i could make my own blog... html style... or else, i always wanted to play around with ruby/rails...
but i'm a little lazy crazy. if i can't finish it, i'll just end up tweaking it all night long until it's perfect... or else i'd revert to this layout.
three columns.
i want three columns! so all of my widgets fit nice and neat. :3


i'm sleeeeepy.  but still two more hours of work to go.  and lotsa homework.
i noticed in ion plant 00004 is marked for closeup view.  but in the log, it is not bold and not marked as close up.  then there is 00006 in the log marked as closeup and not bold.  and number 00008 in the log is bold and marked for close up but i don't have the original picture.
\(* n *) /


my boyfriend said my haircut is nice.
probably one of the nicest things he's told me evvvvvvvvvvver.


I love you CHINA. by ~yukiusagi1983 on deviantART


maybe you are familiar with @melissa808's zippy's animation?

(and i recently found a video of the autograph session, thanks to @parkrat!)

now, @nctrnlbst is the next twit-zip-celebrity!

can't wait to see who's next...


seen this process before. but i'm sharing this video because it's so well made!

(via zeruda)


i am in super bitch mode today! ò_____ó
since i didn't finish homework last night [again] i had to get up early to do it before school.
then i got to school and we were being lectured on enzymes (cool) at 5 words per minute (not cool). gahahahahahahhhhh... dr. affiah goes so slow. he thinks we can't write and listen and comprehend at the same time. soooooo slow. driving me crazy!!! i don't know how long i can handle this, i'm going to have to tell him to go faster if he does this again! and then it was 10am already so he gave up trying to lecture (dictate to) us and gave us lecture notes (so we didn't have to write everything down) and talked us through it. i have no idea why he doesn't do this in the first place! saves so much time!!!!
then we had a quiz (easy) then we had an exam review session that was completely useless because there was no organization and we only had... 20 questions or so. aaksdfhlaksdfjalksdjflakdsjflakdfjlk. so my morning was a complete waste of time. we didn't even do the lab work we were supposed to do because we ran out of time! i have the package inserts for the reagents so i think i'm just going to write my lab reports now and fill in the data on monday.
then i started pcr again for keratin (it was 12pm). i thought everything was going good until...
fast forward to 6pm and i'm trying to take a picture of my gel. it looks like i've got light bands on three samples. two people have no or very very light bands (crappy!) and one of the visible bands (my own sample, in fact) is a pcr of a pcr and it now has primer dimers. alskdjflaskdjflaksjdflaksdj the first time i did it (straight sample) i had no dimers. and everyone else on the gel had no dimers!!! >n<
FURTHERMORE, the stupid camera craps out on me and i can't get it to take the picture! i had to start my tissue culture class already so i gave up for a little while. i opened the UV shield (there goes a year off my life) and took a picture with my digital camera, just in case the gel goes bad before i figured out the camera and then i put the gel in the fridge (OHMYGOD! HUGE NO NO!) in the mean time. at the end of class, 8pm i finally get to go back and troubleshoot the camera. i get it to work (30 minutes later) and take the picture (and opened the UV shield by accident to fix the position, oops, another year gone) but i was so flustered with the damn thing i saved it with the special kodak 1d gel imaging whatever whatever file type. so i get home and try to open the file so i can email it to christine and mattttt and i can't open it on my computer. forgot to export it to a jpg or other normal file type. FFFFFFFFFFFFF. now i have to go back to the lab tomorrow and try to open it on the computer with the special software and try to export it. this is just fantastic. since i tried to fiddle with it on my computer i don't know if it would have corrupted the original file and then, how do i know i can export from the program?! i usually take two pictures- one with teh special file type and the other exported from the camera. but the gel is in the trash by now (or actually, it's probably in the ethidium bromide waste pile so it might be alive (though dehydrated and the dna is has drifted and the ethidium nearly gone) tomorrow, but whatever, that's not going to fix the results from tonight. ahhhhhhhhg.
so what happened between 12pm and 6pm? i went to my other micro class (cell and molec bio) and we are going to be harvesting dna from vibrio fischeri (yeah, the pretty glowing bacteria) so we had to prepare reagents for the protocol. i. hate. chemistry. the pH meter was giving me a heart attack, i wafted some glacial acetic acid (there goes another two years off my life) and i have no idea if my SDS was completely dissolved. i finish that up at 4:45pm. can you believe this. i can't even fathom this. how can it take me so long?! we also got our quizzes back and i got 8.5 out of 10 points. beacause i forgot to freaking add in "culture, resuspend, lyse cell, and pellette bacteria" as part of instructions for a miniprep. the main juice of hte whole thing is running it through the ionized column and i did not feel like i needed to add these steps. culturing bacteria- of course you have to do that! you'd do that in any of the experiments, regardless of doing a miniprep or not! it's like saying you're going to make an omlette and the first step is to obtain an egg. my god, of course you are going to do that!!!! and then you have to resuspend, lyse the cell to get the dna and pellette the dna. this is like common sense to me! back to my omlette example, it's like saying ok, i've got the egg, the next step in making an omlette is to break open the shell, take out the insides and put it in a bowl. this does not seem like valid omlette making instructions to me. of course you are going to get an egg. of course you are going to have to take off the shell. instructions for an omlette should be 1) scramble and egg 2) heat & grease a pan 3) add egg to pan 4) add accessory ingredients... AMIRIGHT? we're all microbiologists here. of course in a miniprep you are going to follow those steps! so i start my miniprep instructions with 1) charge a column with buffer 2) add dna in solution 3) vortex and spin down solution through column 4) dump flow through 5) elute dna with second buffer into a new tube. doesn't that sound right? that's the meat of the miniprep- put everything into a column, junk goes through, dna held back then release target dna into a new tube. >:U so i got a point knocked off for my "incomplete instructions". i even took it up with mattttt and he was like, "minipreps include all of these steps. in fact, the use of columns were only recently introduced. it's new technology. the main part is actually growing the bacteria and then opening the cell." OMG. i was losing my mind already. then i got another .5 points off because i forgot to write the final volume of dna in the sample problem (had to solve a concentration problem from spectroscopy). ok, i deserved this .5 points off. but i was angry anyway because i was already in bitch mode and i really wanted to get an A.
so after this micro 240 ordeal, i go to work. which was pretty good. got some work done and saw my stress relieving coworkers. but there are FREAKING FLIES EVERYWHERE IN OUR OFFICE. we're pretty convinced there is a dead rat somewhere but we can't smell it or find it. we even got the aux service guys to check all of our ceiling traps and no mouse found. the flies are so fucking annoying. and it's hothumidmuggysmoggy outside and there are flies inside, i'm about to jump off a building already...
soon enough, it's 6pm and after my wrestling with the camera, i had tissue culture class. going over our lab data. have to write ANOTHER lab report. this one is less trivial (i like) but will require a lot of [math and graphing] work (DO NOT WANT). it seems that i have been misusing semi-log graph paper wrong for my entire life. and i have to recalculate my data because i was only working up my living cells. i didn't even add up the total dead cells, let alone the total cell count! at least i had the foresight to write them down. :/ just the explanation of what data should be calculated was super confusing... should i graph this? or this? or this? should i calculate this? why should i use hours instead of days? explain how to use the equations in the lab manual!
then we had a short lecture on hybridomas. dr. b is super good at explaining stuff (his lectures are great) but some people in class were asking ridiculous questions like "why are there antibodies on b cells... i thought they are from white blood cells." o___O this is why you are supposed to take micro 161 before micro 240. and "if you combine the b cells with myeloma cells, couldn't you accidentally vaccinate someone with cancer?". *dies* well first off, b cells ARE white blood cells. and they have surface antibodies and can also produce free (unbound) antibodies. then, yes, you are fusing normal cells with cancer cells, but it just gives the cells immortality and the ability to produce antibodies. you want antibodies against an antigen so you can track the antigen... not necessarily making it for humans. you will probably not inject humans with this antibodies. vaccines are a weakened or dead form of antigen to which your own body's b cells make your own antibodies. the preformed antibodies you might get are tested very well and are supposed to be very safe! furthermore, you would not be receiving b cells, let alone immortal, cancer fused b cells, you would be given a free antibody- if it's a protein antibody at all! many times, you are given common antibiotics that are biochemical based. you know, like penicillin or trimethoprim. sorry for the verbatim. i don't know why i even remember all this stuff from immunology (seems like so long ago, since mlt is going so fast!) or why this even bothers me. i think it's just because i suffered a whole semester of immunology to learn this and then some Joes trying to get into a fast track pre med program at UH who haven't even taken micro 140 or used a microscope before this class can waltz into a 200 level class and ask a question like that. (i'm so jaded.)
and then we witnessed a mouse killing and dissection, which was probably the highlight and most sensible and useful part of my day. yes, an animal was killed (a tiny, cute white one at that) but its cells will be kept alive in a flask and used in the good name of science.

so that was my day.
i can't decide if i need some coffee or if i need some sleep.


making of chop cup via http://sikkdays.com
(no, i don't know what chop cup is, but time lapse anything is cool. i have a lab report to write now, maybe i'll google chop cup after that.)

CHOP CUP - Making of from :weareom: on Vimeo.

Hawaii geek meet time lapse video
(find me in the light pink shirt and red bag!)


i thought this was pretty cute.

• Invent adorable pet names whenever possible. Suggestions: treasure, kitten, or creampuff. (For sweets, of course!) And almost any style of girl would enjoy lady, princess, or dearest. Take it a little old-fashioned!
(je m'appelle kitty!)

• Compliment something like her false eyelashes, her lipgloss, or new bow. She puts a lot of effort into her appearance with things you may not notice, and it will make her heart melt if you do.
sometimes i DO like to dress like a girl...

• Has she left a momento behind at your place - a hair ribbon, a rhinestone? Keep it with you. Picture it now, when she finds out: 'You've kept my hair ribbon? How sweet!'
sharpies count, yes?

• Keep up on what's going on in her community. She'll be amazed that you have a notion about the difference between Melty Choc and Milky-chan.
we need to work on this...

• Rent vintage movies for the evening, and make cupcakes. Even from a box is fine.
done and done!

• Split a sundae together.

• Draw, paint, photo, play music? Make her a subject.
i<3 photos!

• If you have one nearby, suffer through a purikura machine. Then let her cover your face with sparkles. (Note: a lot of these tips are about suffering through her cuteness. But isn't that what you love about her?! And she's probably willing to play Dungeons & Dragons with your friends sometimes, right?)
actually, i like purikura because they make stupid looking photos! fun fun!

• Manstand. Huge points for manstanding as she picks through a shop, and extra if you come along for the commentary.
lucky thing i like shopping online...

• Learn how to tie a bow correctly. Inevitably there will be a day when she offers you a wrist, a sash, or ribbon, and ask you to tie it. If you look at her at a loss... well, you get the picture.

• Extra for experts: learn how to fix bobby pins, wigs, or lace the back of a dress correctly. Lolitas wear an absolute ton of very complicated clothing and sometimes it feels like we need assistance! Again, if you're really lost, ask her friends to teach you the intricacies of bows, ribbons, and corseting.

• Dress with her, or at least look mildly fashionable. Today's fashions for men involve a lot of heraldry on button downs, thermals with Gothic arches, and adorable sweater vests. Swing by your department store and try it.
we need to work on this... hee heeeheeeee...

• Learn her Starbucks order, or how she takes her tea!

• Pretend you're from the 1800s - hold open doors, pull out the chair, and make sure you walk on the outside of the street. If she falls on ridiculous shoes, try to catch her!
i love how you always lock the car doors. it's bordering on obsessive but better safe than sorry!

• Take dance lessons with her, preferably ballroom, but swing is cool too.

• Most important point: simply take her for what she is, however unusual that may be. Whether she's a cotton candy fairy or a little Gothic maiden, love her for her quirks. That's all you need, really.
c'est la verité! c'est tout!

DIY Brown Knight Costume

Halloween is around the corner, how about going as the Brown Knight from Murder Party?

And the Winner Is

Congratulations to the winning state of Hawaii, which will receive 50,000 new books for children in need!
See the final state rankings


yesterday was mostly according to plan.
i went to the bazaar- got a whole bunch of CDs for 50¢ each!
then i went to ala moana- had a look around the new Victoria's Secret store. <3 !
then i caught the bus to KCC and worked in the lab. we worked on Campy strain 81-176 (the only strain used for human experimentation) of varying ODs. i stayed from 1-4p and a couple others stayed to do the actual invasion, at 6p.
L picked me up and we went to eat at kahala mall. then we went back to town to watch mythbusters.
and we ended the night at his cousin's house playing halo 3 until midnight.

today i slept in, and then had coffee and read about restriction enzymes.
then i went to play some more halo.
and then went to the beach with L.

a successful weekend, if you ask me. :)

Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking (Cosmos Remixed)

what a chill song for the most complicated but elegant topics in the world.


today i went to work at 8. (nph photo index D & strategic plan doc)
then i went to the lab and did P3 cell counts at 12. (some went down, some went up but nothing drastic)
then i went to the dark room at 2. (printed two pictures, will scan and post tomorrow or sunday)
and then i caught the bus home at 4. (23 -> 13 -> 6 = longer than taking 3 -> 6 )

then tomorrow we go back, jack, and do it again...

going to the annual church bazaar at 8. (udon, ikayaki, and vintage treasure here)
then going to the lab for HeLa invasion assay at 1. (TJ and Ing heading this project)
then might stop at the photo lab if we're done before 4. (i still have some things to print)
and then head back to town to hang out with L.

then sunday we go back...


if you're going to be busy, and ask me to come into work early for you,
you just wasted my time and invalidated my job.
if you don't trust me to get the job done, don't ask!




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