here's my friday5 for this week! you can answer them for yourselves or see others' answers here: http://f.riday5.com/?p=644

1. What random letter was generated by the online random-letter generator? (this doesn’t really count as one of your five questions)

well this is just fantastic, i got X. :/

2. What food item, whose name begins with the letter in question #1, are you most likely to eat within the next few days?
xylitol.  i happen to know xylitol is in chewing gum and i chew licorice chewing gum at work before morning rounds. :3

3. What item, whose name begins with the letter in question #1, are you most likely to purchase this weekend? 
the last time i took le boyfriend to frosty city he asked me what grass jelly dessert is.  i haven't had that in many years so i thought i'd pick up a can from don quijote.  according to this picture  it's called "xin xao mat ong", how convenient.  :)  maple syrup, anyone?

4. What famous person, whose last name begins with the letter in question #1, makes you think thoughts you probably shouldn’t? 
one of the reasons i love batman is that he is always completely sober.  he might pretend to be a playboy and party-goer but he is always completely sober.  i don't mind a little alcohol (have you ever had absinthe?  yum yum licorice!) from time to time but i don't believe in getting drunk/completely wasted, getting stoned, getting high... how could you ever say you made the best decisions in life if you weren't completely conscious when you made it?  especially if you are being responsible for another person.
this is leading to madame xanadu.

she is a character currently in justice league dark but also had her own series (i highly recommend checking out the tp, i found it at mccully library).  she is a mystic who sees the future with potions and incense and cards.  despite what i said about being completely sane, i wish i was like madame xanadu, so mystical and elegant, fighting evil in a cloud of mysterious spices and potions.

5. What is your favorite film whose title begins with the letter in question #1? 
x-men: first class was pretty good.  not one of my favorite movies but not bad.  magneto is a bad ass!  in x-men origins: wolverine, i liked the side characters more than the main story line.  i like gambit, the cardist magician, (although his segment should have looked like this:

and bolt was really cool!  i wish they had expanded on his story.

6. What geographical location, whose name begins with the letter in question #1, are you most likely to see within the next few days?
if i ride my bike on the grass can i call it CCX? ;)
(not to be confused with CSCLX)


other random musings:

• tortilla chicken soup from tango market is so yummy!
• i finished book 1 of the stand!  finally on to book2, only 2000 something more pages to go...
• a cool color change i am learning:

• these mavi jeans are so HOTT! http://notcouture.notcot.org/post/9687/  me likey!

nap now, work soon!  bye bye!


this morning i went to lab research meeting.
yes, we talk about research projects and hard core science.  but i love how if you dropped in mid-conversation you might hear "there's no way they would green light that project.  for one thing, how would we contain radioactive chicken poop?" 8D

after lab, i caught the bus to town.  have to work tonight so i was already thinking dinner and bed at 1:30pm. i have leftover curry at home and decided i needed a side dish to make it a meal.  i bought some frozen croquettes then traipsed over the the snack aisle where i spent too much money.  choco pies.  shrimp crackers.  grass jelly drink.  also bought some frozen takoyaki.  i almost went for shimeji mushrooms but they were almost $10/lb! T___T  i love mushrooms!  and the white peaches smelled good too but i passed on them because they were a bit green.  i also decided to experiment with dessert and bought a package of agar agar.  i mean, i make agarose gels in the microwave in the lab, how hard could it be?  i got home and decided i my purchases were impulse purchases. :P  hate when that happens!  so the croquettes... don't have cooking directions in english.  way to go, genius.  am i supposed to fry this?  deep fry this?  bake?  i ended up baking in the toaster over at an arbitrary temperature for an arbitrary amount of time.  it didn't sizzle or brown any more so after a while i just cut one in half and did an internal temp.  as soon as it was 160ºF i figured they were done.  tasty too. ^^  the tako balls have english instructions as did the agar agar.  not that i followed those, haha!

usually in the lab i weigh out whatever powder i need and add it to buffer in an erlynmyer and microwave until it's ready, swirling and stopping at intervals to prevent it from boiling over.  ready means clear.  no "strands" visible.  and when you swirl it, there are bubbles but the bubbles disappear.  if you swirl it and there are still bubbles, it's not really dissolved.  inherent problem with grocery store agar: its not powder.  it's some kind of spongy log. :/  to make my dessert, i filled a glass measuring cup with 3c water (required is 2 3/4c, according to the package but i was expecting some to evaporate) then shredded the agar agar inside.  i put the whole thing in the microwave and started with 20 minutes.  yes, TWENTY minutes.  you must sit in front of the micro to make sure it doesn't boil over because burnt spilled agar has a particular smell and is not fun to clean up.  just open the door when the bubbles get high and swirl it to check how much it's dissolved.  close to the end, add a cup of sugar and some vanilla.  dissolve.  continue zapping in the micro.  then pour in a pan to harden.  agar solidifies super fast compared to jello which is awesome.  20 minutes after you pour it can be completely solid (if your pan isn't too thick).  i like to cook and then EAT RIGHT AWAY.  no waiting for it to cool off or doing dishes before dinner.  i want to cook and eat right out of the pot i made it in, if i can.  haha.

right now i am watching olympic trials.  i am so excited for the olympics.  i love the feeling of comraderie and friendly competition and the overall feeling/hope for world peace that the olympics brings.  i am always in awe of the ceremonies and grandeur.  and of course, i adore the athletes and the competion!  i am, and always have been, an extremely poor athlete.  i am amazed by the athletes' look of ease.  i admire the will power it takes to train and compete.  i am jealous of the companionship from being on a team. i really love the olympics.  i wish there was some way for me to be even more a part of the action but i have a feeling that's not in the cards for me- i'm no fool, i know when to leave it to the professionals.  ;)  for now i guess i'll have to be content and spectate from my couch (unless coffee chugging or shopping becomes an olympic event).  however, if i ever get the chance to try any of these sports- non competitively of course- it would be super cool.  i've never pole vaulted before!  or cycled in a velodrome.  i would go for trampolines too.  how can that not be fun?
as i type this, i'm enjoying the synchro men's diving trials.  i remember the first year they had this as a contested sport (when i was in 5th grade).  ever since then i wanted to try a diving board.  it was because of synchro diving that i got gutsy enough to try doing flips off the pool deck (note: this is dangerous, do not attempt!  i can't believe in all my pool days i never cracked my skull on the deck).  anyway, i like synchro diving because it's more complicated than individual diving; not only do you have to do a perfect dive but you have to be in perfect symmetry with your partner.  in fact, your overall synchro appearance is judged upon first and then the difficulty and technical aspects are figured in.  i watched the womens synchro diving yesterday.  they seemed more graceful- and smaller splashes- but the men are overall more synchronized.  other water sports i am looking forward to: relay swimming, water polo, synchro swimming... ok who am i kidding, i am looking forward to all the aquatic sports!

thanks all for reading the wall of text.  i kind of just came up with some topics i wanted to talk about and kept adding and adding as i followed my train of thought.  if you didn't read it all... i don't blame ya!

ok, bye!

if anyone wants to make my dream of diving off a diving board come true, i will love you forever!




Metric - Youth Without Youth from Metric on Vimeo.



it's almost friday again, better do my friday5 before it's too late!

GET LOST II: http://somnio-insania.deviantart.com/art/GET-LOST-II-118509705

How easily to do you get lost?
it's easy to get lost at UH! once i spent 30 minutes looking for a particular building. i thought i arrived early but i barely made it to my meeting on time because i was walking around in circles in the sun for so long!
but generally speaking, i can get around pretty good in town. i know a lot of small streets from being a perpetual pedestrian. i can't really get lost if i'm at the airport going all the way to ka'a'awa (just head makai and follow the road back to town...) but once i'm past kalihi and start heading toward moanalua, millilani, waipio, pearl city... nanakuli, makaha, makakilo... i think i would die. :/ just head for the nearest bus stop and hope it ends up at some large transit station. sadly, i've no internet phone either so i'd need to google map the shit out of my destination before heading out.

What subject in school made you feel most lost?
i really understand zero of it. i am retaking it in the fall. :(
apparently the amount of math you learn is directly proportional to the amount of sleep you've had before hand. working all night & getting off at seven means sleepwalking through an 8:30 class. :((

i would also like to note that when i was in high school my teacher recommended i take the ASVAB test to see what kind of job i should have. i have never felt so stupid and defeated in my life. there were lots of questions about machines and cars and building stuff, i guessed on the entire section. there was one question that i figured out by logic- completing an electrical circuit- but the rest of it i was utterly clueless. i still remember one question until this day: "your car is broken and leaking a reddish-brown fluid. what is wrong?" at this point i was so flustered and mad that no one warned me about this mechanics section that i just put my pencil down and laughed. how the hell am i supposed to know what is wrong?! i was so mad. SO MAD. i am NEVER unprepared for a test and even if this was an ungraded test i have never been filled with such sense of failure. later on, i found out that people actually study for this exam so they can get placed in a certain career. this made me even more mad; 1)why do you need a test to tell you what you are going to do? you just go out and do it!!!! 2)why didn't anyone tell me you could study before hand and what sections are going to be featured?!?!??!! :U

What’s something you’ve recently misplaced and have not yet found?
UGH, where is my favorite t-shirt? my gray maui band festival t-shirt. :'(   i want it back!

What’s something you found and were able to return to its owner?
can't think of anything right now...

When you need some alone time and don’t want anyone to know where you are, where are you most likely to disappear to?
library. can't answer phones in the library too! and there is no public internet. and it's close enough to bike to. have i said too much...? ;)

you can answer the friday five or read others' answers here: http://f.riday5.com/?p=639

have you heard of the [adultswim] singles program?  no, it's not a series of blind dates, but 12 downloadable or streamable singles courtesy of the [as] tv magic makers!  the first one is up and you can get it here:

last year featured awesomeness like:


and the year before was OMG! (literally! see track 8!):

right now i'm taking a break from The Stand and reading another great book, The Bell Jar. did you ever get that queer feeling that someone is writing a book about you? it's so fascinating, i can't put it down. i can't believe i've never picked up this book earlier; there are so many flashbacks and i can't wait to see how it ends.
bye now!

 the 3rd floor

since the f5 theme was "lost", i would also like to add a post script. i started watching the TV show, LOST because i started reading jorge garcia's blog: http://furtherdispatches.wordpress.com/ (note: it used to be at http://dispatchesfromtheisland.blogspot.com/ when he was living in hawaii.) i thought he was pretty funny and decided i would watch lost and see if he was funny on the show (yes) and if the program was as great as the hype (mmmm.... well... i guess also a yes, but you should watch and decide for yourself if you haven't already). however, i never finished watching the program. after charlie died i was so depressed i just stopped. i don't know if they got off the island i think they radioed a plane? or what was up with the other islanders or if that chick was really a traitor and what the special numbers mean. i'm sort of curious but i just didn't feel like continuing after what happened. maybe one day i'll go back and finish it but right now, i've got four books to read and no desire to watch tv. any LOST jokes/comments will be LOST on me (pun intended) because i probablly won't get the refference, sorry! :S

that's all.


CA DᴎC X 686

on wednesday i was riding my bike on alapai street and got hit by a car.
it wasn't really serious... i'm not in traction or anything.  in fact, i have no visible injuries, just arms and neck and butt is kind of bruised.  helmet saved my brain.  and gloves saved my hand from getting shredded by pavement.  also, my bike is undamaged because my body cushioned it in the fall! (even my crabon wheel is in one piece LOL, i was sure it was going to snap.)  nobody was home at the time so i had no choice but to ride home after that.  i was kind of shaky heading uphill but i think the adrenaline got my through.  usually when i'm biking i feel like i am hyper aware of everything- feel the ground and notice cars and people and signs.  but on the way home i felt like i was sleepwalking and paranoid at every intersection.  looking back, biking home was a bad idea, i should have taken the bus home.
now that it's over, i feel determined to ride again.  i feel like i'm burning precious daylight and summertime by not riding!  but i think i have a mild case of PTSD.  the next day i went outside to give my bike a once over and look for cracks more carefully but i couldn't do it.  i was unlocking my bike and my stomach seemed to drop down to my knees and my heart was racing.  so i went back inside.  the next day i went to unlock my bike and my heart was racing again.  i was telling myself OK BRAIN, YOU HAVE TO GET OVER THIS MENTAL BLOCK STOP BEING A PANTY.  i am absolutely determined to ride my bike, just around the block at least!  my hand were shaking as i was trying to undo the cable part of the lock.  so i gave up again.  i haven't biked since wednesday.
i ordered a new helmet.  my awesome b2 sxp

protected by ghosts

is supposed to be multi impact, but i'm not taking any chances!  you're supposed to replace helmets after they've taken a crash so i ordered another and i'll just have this as my back up.  interestingly, i remembered there is actually a warranty policy (yes, i'm one of those people that read the fine print  and all the instructions before using a thing) where they would replace a crashed or damaged helmet for $10.  however, my warranty had expired a few days before the crash.  dommage!
maybe under the guises of safety i'll ride again.

i used to be so happy-

pearl harbor trail a video by SYN✖♥ on Flickr.

i'm ready to get that feeling back. :)

pushed away i'm moving toward a comedown with revolving doors fate don't fail me now...


sorry i sort of lied.  i didn't post my answers to last weeks friday five. :/
but i will do this week's answers because, hey, it's friday again!

you can read others' answers or answer the questions on your own blog here:

Which circus act best describes you this past week?
i think i'm the sword swallower.  things get crappy but you just have to suck it up.

Which summer Olympic event best illustrates what your professional (or academic, if you’re still in school) life has been like lately?

school -> research -> work
and just like the real game, there is bicycling, swimming, and running [after buses] in between. :D  also, also like the real event, you have to multitask, like eating while bicycling and doing homework while showering, in order to make it to the next event.
* it is to be noted that triathalon is not in the current olympic program. decathalon is in the current program but i'm not inclined to align my life with a ten event sport...

Which household chore is most symbolic lately of your romantic life?
ok. vacuum cleaners suck.  and right now, i work at night and le boyfriend works in the day.  and we have different days off every week.  when we're together usually one of us ends up falling asleep. so everything kind of sucks right now because we barely see each other.  ø___ø

What item on your current grocery-shopping list pretty much sums up your relationships with friends lately?
i only have one thing on my list right now- listerine!  i don't know if that's what i would use to describe my friends.  :P
i guess on my splurge list, i really want to buy rock band (yes, that video game that everyone had a few years ago.  i just played it for the first time last weekend.) and i do believe my friends ROCK.  on my dream-on list i am really digging this kagero frame:

so i guess i would have to describe my friends as ROCK and ROLLERS. har har. 8D

Which of Crayola’s standard colors has a name that would be a good title for the coming weekend?
Cornflower blue is how i describe the weekend.  not because i'm going to be "blue" but because it's a  neutral color- not too dark or too bright- and i'm planning to take it easy this weekend.  no big plans.


in lab land, still lots of people calling in sick.  been flip flopping days off to cover (as i mentioned before) and it's making me tireddddd.  lol.  i rarely get tired of work (and i'm not even in school now!) and i've done 9 days straight before.  it's hard to look forward to your day off and then you have to work instead.  when you're expecting to work then it's not bad at all.  :)  i hope no one sees this as a complaint; i know my coworkers would cover for me if i ever needed time off.  they've already done so much [in making me a better tech and just being super amazing and efficient coworkers], i'm happy to return the favor.

in research land, i'm finally back on the campy adhesion assay wagon.

View from here

we are going to crank out a lot of experiments this summer since we have the time! a lot as in two experiments a week!  (if our computer doesn't burn out first, LOL!) very excited.**
it also looks like i will be [officially] employed by kcc again, yey research grants.  and so it seems like you never really leave a great place behind.

**however, i am less than excited about crunching the data.  if anyone is good at or knows statistics i could use some assistance...

i woke up last night wanting to hear this song:

i've had it on my ipod on repeat since then.  i feel so

[ - u - ]
[ • • • ]

right now just listening.  i'm sitting on my back porch, typing this, listening to this song with a can of cream soda and i can't stop smiling.  summertime contentedness.

did you click it and listen to the song yet?
DO IT.  you will be happy.  and thank me later.

and now one more thing to recap from last post; about that hair cut,


got my bob back!  i feel like me again. :)

ok bye!



really enjoying the weather, lately!!
i've been working a lot- covering sick calls- but the sunshine beckons to me in the daytime (my sleep time) anyway.
been biking almost every day. tiring, but fun. i climb hills so i can enjoy the ride down. :)  so proud of my leg power!!! went from stick legs to mini muscles.  now to do something abpout my noodle arms...

i just got a haircut (feeling like myself again, finally).  here's my last look before the chop.  if you like my outfit, please give me a hype !!  http://lookbook.nu/look/3561997-CHECK



i keep geting heinrich maneuver stuck in my head because they play the first line in a car commercial.

so my bike playlist for the last week is 100% interpol. besides the aforementioned, my other favorites are:

keep on rolling!

next post = friday five answers.




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