i am not a fan of paramore and it seems strange.  this band should be everything i like- pop-punk with interesting music videos and a girl singer!

but i've listened to songs from all their albums and just can't find anything i like.  their newest radio hit is particularly stomach churning to me.

yuck. :|

i really want to like this band, maybe paramore is your favorite band?  i mean no offense.  i just can't figure out why i don't like any of the songs.

the same goes for the tv show big bang theory.  i feel like i am the target demographic for this program with all the sci fi and STEM references... for some reason i just find it so unfunny.  i like the individual characters i guess, but the story lines are so... ?  i can't quite put my finger on it.  this is going to sound strange but i think i would be more interested if the show had more scenes in their work place? am i just a workaholic?  i would also like to point out the show goes into detail about physics but glosses over or throws away topics on biology and microbiology all the time! for shame! i want to like this crew and i know a lot of people who watch religiously and know the story arcs (even my parents watch this pretty regularly) but i just feel like i'm rolling my eyes through entire episodes and it's not worth my time anymore.

this is the kind of things my friends and i debate all the time, so a whole show dedicated to this nonsense should be great, right?  what is wrong with me?!


the only thing worth my time on tv these days is rick and morty
(who doesn't love rick and morty!)

i think after the intergalactic cable episode with mr stealy aired i laughed for three straight days just thinking about it!

which leads me to think i'm too cynical for regular tv? my brains are too scrambled for regular tv?


earlier this year a live action Ghost in the Shell was made and i finally got around to seeing it.
a lot of people i know refused to support this film because of the white washing of the main character, major kusanagi. i was really torn because i'm a big fan of GITS but i'm also really upset about the lack of and/or stereotyping of asians in american films.  but after seeing the movie, i'd really like to speak in defense of the film overall quality and encourage people who like movies or like GITS to watch it. the people in charge are not excused for not choosing an actual asian for the lead role, but i would like to point out that the quality of the story (movie) is not lessened by a haole. and yes, i mean haole in the literal definition, with no snark.


cutter, the head honcho of hanka is a haole, as well as a lot of people working on the project.  so why wouldn't he make humanoid robots in his own image? matoko was originally a japanese but she lived with other runaways in the lawless area. basically, they are disposable humans for experimentation. the cyborg project is obviously a time consuming and costly project, why would the people in charge go through the trouble of making the robots look like the nobodys they were implanting?  personally, if i were going to make the perfect version of myself... ok, i would still make cyborg avatar body chinese, but... white people have way better nose bridges.  and slimmer noses. and slightly bigger boobs. and i love to color my hair, so why not start with a lighter brown or white instead of my natural black hair?  what i'm trying to say, given the chance to make a more awesome me, why take all the stuff i don't want?  flesh deteriorates but your cyborg body is forever (unless you get a refitting... sac 2nd gig reference) so choose wisely! the major did not really exist (because her human body was a nobody scooped up from the street) so there was no specific reason to make her asian.  the company probably had body scans and molds of the other white people in the company so why not? the movie does note that she was japanese to begin with so that's fine.  it would be more awkward if they had a haole with a japanese name living in hong kong.  as for her english?  i guess they can code that into her. it makes sense that a military person (or tool) is multilingual.


after seeing Lucy, i was sure that scarjo would make a great major!  she can do action scenes and is also a somewhat emotionless actor. i guess this might be a dig at her acting skills? but for the major's character, it is the perfect combo!  this is absolutely how i saw her in the tv series.  not that she doesn't feel things, she just acts very stoic. batou was the emotional one who made up for her (i'm recalling he rubbed mineral oil on his favorite tachikoma- and it ended up saving his life).


as for actual humans and humans with mods- if it takes place in hong kong (and this is obviously hong kong, right?) why wouldn't there be more female asians as doctors (or even just on the street)?  i guess the city has really diversified over the years, like hawaii. female asian doctors!  that's all i ask!

smoking is not allowed in the lab!

i have an obsession with kowloon city.  it simultaneously disgusts me (how can people just live in squalor like that! i would be forced to become a minimalist because i can't stand having all the crap around!) and fascinates me (seriously, how can your life be so complete and so condensed? and what secrets are hiding in the nooks and crannies of a city that is so poorly regulated?) this movie has such a bustling city life and the apartments are very much an ode to kowloon city (LOL even the super close airplane!) but if it were more realistic, it would be way darker and way gritty/grimy/grosser. have you seen the photos of kowloon city? it looks... slimy. i feel like i can smell the blood and garbage through the pictures! i would equate the harbor to the ala wai canal and would really not go swimming in there, even if i was a cyborg!  fact: streptococcus biofilms are commonly found on pacemakers and can cause endocarditis.  why chance it?!  even daredevil (in the movie) went in his cement bathtub coffin to black out the sounds, why couldn't the major do that?  maybe in the future, everyone is more concerned with cleanliness? they found a way to eliminate garbage tumbleweeds? as a microbiologist, one can only hope...

i feel like the GITS story is as much about the team as it is about the major.  it's kind of like an animated NCIS.  and i would not watch that show if it was 90% about kensie and 10% team. or even 90% deeks or calen or G. it's about solving a mystery using everyone's unique talents. i guess they technically gave togusa some screen time. and even saito. but they were more like easter eggs for fans- it's more fun to see everyone in section 9 actually working together. my hope is: now that we have the backstory/origins/introduction, we can get another live action movie to show off the team?!  so many cybercrime stories and ethical dilemmas to be told!  surely there's enough content for another movie!

because. the real joy and reason we watch GITS is for the tachikoma.

this year, i saw another movie that my asian acting friends have also called taboo: The Great Wall.
my initial impression: this is Pacific Rim, 2000 years ago.  the plot... ugh.  B movie from the get go.  but i can't *completely* hate it.  yes, they could have easily picked an asian guy instead of a haole to be the savior of the kingdom.  but it is important to remember: the ancient chinese were really forward thinking people.  if they saw good technology they probably adopted/adapted it, no matter who thought it up.  if a guy comes to the wall with some useful talents, why not enlist him?  nothing the army is currently doing is really working.  besides, there are so many guards and advisors before getting to the actual ruling family, i'm sure matt damon would have be disposed of before he could pull a rasputin.  also, there was no holding back on portraying the other haoles as conniving, greedy fucks. and there was also no proselytizing to the white people either.  yeah, they helped protect the country from the monsters, but that doesn't make people worship you as a god.  ancient chinese are way too smart for that. as i recall, there is even evidence of china-roman political relations.  i don't see why it's impossible that the asians and haoles might not learn from each other or come up with a camaraderie of sorts in the face of eminent danger of the non-human sort. so from the story point of view- plausible.  *also, i really love the crane corps girls.  #circusgoals
i didn't like the movie, but i didn't hate it for the reasons my asian friends want me to.  for both GITS and The Great Wall, the story and characters didn't lose continuity so i had no problem with the casting.  we have much bigger white washing problems with movies like ALOHA (i absolutely will not see this) or the rumored upcoming movie about niihau.

as a GITS fan, this movie was good! it's what i expected of GITS! you could even like this if you like crime dramas like law and order! the stylization makes it even more interesting on top of the mystery- if you like blade runner you will like this (for the style, i mean. the robot component is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of blade runner where robots are trying to be human. in GITS, humans are trying to be more robot [cyborg].) it's just enough in the future to let your imagination play but not too far in the future where it's impossible to believe the technology exists. please see this movie so it will make money and we can have a sequel(s).  it's such a good series, i don't know how you could not like the story and characters.  everything worked well in the live action, makes me want more! it also makes me want to shout, bring on the white washing of Cowboy Bebop! we can all agree who should be cast for the main roles, right?


m m m . . .

hooray! it's time for the annual scattegories friday5!
i've done this several years in a row, it's my favorite prompt.
answer for yourself (game instructions and link to random letter generator is on the page) or see others' answers here:
i got an easy letter this year: m

  1. What’s something gross whose name begins with the letter?

  2. What’s something crunchy whose name begins with the letter?

    mochi crunch
  3. What’s something (or who is someone) you wouldn’t mind hugging whose name begins with the letter?

  4. What’s something whose name begins with the letter and can be found on a passenger airplane?

  5. What’s something (whose name begins with the letter) you could purchase at a hardware store?

    miter saw

this letter is perfect because i am crushing so hard on the song, Mesa, right now!


If you've played Destiny, you are probably familiar with Xur:
this guy shows up in a random location at the tower.  he trades materials and coins and sells exotic weapons.  he only shows up on the weekends [in real world time, not in destiny time].

i have finally come up with a theory why- he spends the rest of the week playing shows with his band dreamcar:

the resemblance is uncanny, right?!

ok, in reality, even if you haven't heard of dreamcar, you might recognize the sound and will probably recognize its members.  this band is comprised of Davey Havok, from AFI, and members of No Doubt: Tony Kanal, Adrian Young, and Tom Dumont.  and the songs are in the style of new wave- if you are a fan of The Cure or Depeche Mode or Flock of Seagulls you will like this album!  let me recommend you: Kill for Candy

to be honest, i thought this group was going to sound like a popped-up or ska-ed-up AFI?  but instead it sounds totally separate from their two groups, just a fresh ode to good new wave music!  in this music video, everyone just seems so happy, i wouldn't doubt this group was formed from being a fan of the genre.  in fact, i'm sure of it- when AFI played here a few years ago, Davey did a perfect cover of Just Like Heaven.

I've listened to the whole album but i think Kill for Candy is the best of the bunch.  tell me what you think of it in the comments.

and speaking of Destiny, WHO IS READY FOR DESTINY 2?!
i'm so very excited for this game!  i preordered destiny [1] when it came out but i was still in school and never really got to join in the first day fun.  i've preordered again and this time can take full advantage!  i already played this mission in the open beta and tried a match of the multiplayer.  looking forward to the new challenges. BUT.  i will be sad to leave my old armor behind!  toward the end of the game, i really enjoyed playing defender class and had the NO BACKUP PLANS gloves that were tailor made for the job!  my last set up used these gloves plus LORD OF WOLVES shotgun so with my skill tree i had a super long force barrier that would drop orbs when it took hits!  NO BACKUP PLANS gives you bonus grenades on melee hits and the grenades help you regen the force barrier so it's like an endless cycle of healing bubble + orbs for your team! i liked charging in to battle as a titan but when you are short on team mates this is an awesome way to stay alive long enough to kill the big guys.  my load out is here if you want to look: not sure if this loads for everone else, but in my browser, you can't see the NO BACKUP PLANS glowing.  i use the halloween event armor shader called SUPERBLACK so everything is matte black color and only my gloves are glowing bright blue! i look like a ninja- with rave gloves, hahaha.

also going to miss my Waning Star ship! as far as i know, there are no real perks to different ships.  but this was definitely the prettiest of the bunch.


  1. What shape is your mood today?

    "i've got so much to do but it's ok 'cuz WHATEVER FOREVER" 

  2. What snack comes in a fun shape?



  3. Someone’s building your dream house, but it has to be in the shape of a letter of the alphabet.  Which letter do you choose?

    C, of course.

  4. What’s a great song with a shape in its title or lyrics?

    Crescent-Shaped Depression
    (originally by Title Fight but I prefer the cover by Touché Amoré)

  5. What’s something in your line of sight that can reasonably be called blob-shaped?



the last saturday of may was the annual student showcase at samadhi.
i performed with all these lovely people

and had such a blast!! i see everyone coming in and out of classes and practice at the studio but we often don't see each other perform.  it was a 90s themed show and everyone was really into the music and choreography.  everyone- all levels and all apparatuses- were so great!
what do you remember about the 90s?  yes, we had them all! spice girls, britney, red hot chili peppers, janet jackson, madonna... my favorites were liza's ring solo to goo goo dolls (iris) and the super fun becky got back from the level iv silk students! we were all screaming because it was so raunchy! i wish i had a video of our group's performance- my coworker had a little clip of our corkscrew drop but couldn't figure out how to transfer it off her phone. #firstworldproblems
yes, we had a pretty big audience of family and friends present.  i hope they had as much fun as we did! no matter how nervous you might be, once the costumes and make up comes out and the music is turned up, it's hard to not be in an excited mood! a few of my co workers came to watch. they were impressed by the drops and knee hangs- they thought i was in a yoga class all this time. XD  in general... it's hard to explain to people what my hobby is.

this show was my third performance and marked my second year at samadhi and my fifth(?) year on the silks!  feeling inspired by my friends, in the weeks since i started branching out to some other apparatus. i did a little practice on the ring (which i am really loving right now- i might switch over!) and took my first trapeze classes! i like how some moves are translatable between the three apparatus and some things are so much more beautiful or, conversely, impossible on one apparatus over the other.

i like how simple this is while still looking pretty.  i can also do it on trap and silk but i think it looks best on the ring.

this one is like half-monty in the silks.
one thing i noticed is it's easier to learn new skills since i've already got the strength from the silks. balances? back bends? straddles and pull ups? ok sure! the hard part about these new apparatus is my hands get eaten up from the bar before my arms get tired.  blisters and callouses, man... some times it's really hard to wear gloves at work after class. :P  also, since the bar is solid i'm getting interesting bruises behind my knees or on top of my foot from moves that would be otherwise harmless in the silks.  however, i am LOVING the challenge!  one teacher invited me to the level one class since i have the arms already (so, i'm skipping over the foundations 1 and 2) but i wonder if this is a good idea?  i need the foundations- there's so much to learn. if i get to the point where i'm comfortable practicing by myself at open gym, i'll try to get some pictures on the trap.  it's the traditional image that comes to mind when you tell people you're an aerialist.

and don't worry- i haven't abandoned the silks!  i still go to regular silks class and either conditioning or open gym through out the week.  always room for improvement!  i have been saying this for a while- i want to do a meat hook.  just this week in class we were doing a little bit of conditioning, some side straddles, and i realized most of my weight was in one arm! SOON.  i will be able to meat hook soon! just... a few more years... :)  also, i FINALLY learned how to do a coffin drop! i can't wait to get this very dramatic move on video! basically you are standing... and then swing down to hanging by your ankles.  


currently, i'm still doing a "safety drop" while i fine tune my wrap.  but i've done single and double ankle hangs in the hammock before so i'm sure i'll eventually get up the nerve to do this drop. 

i'll learn any drop if it's cool enough... 


which is how i got a minor concussion two weeks ago. -___ - 
don't worry, 'tis just a scratch!  


on thursday i was reading through the MidWeek when i saw a "harmonica recital" this weekend in the community events section.  unusual!

i jokingly proposed it to le boyfriend and he also had a chuckle.

what we actually did this weekend was go to a graduation party at the Ala Moana hotel.

after the party we walked through the mall a little since we parked there.  and what do we see, coming out of Foodland was a little girl playing a harmonica!  we both looked at each other, what a coincidence! hahahaaa...

lately i've been working on the video game, Prey.

it's rare that we get video games that are not sequels, these days!  i really want to try mass effect or dead space or assassin's creed but i haven't played any of the previous ones so i'm not sure if some of the story line will be lost on me.  i like the story in Prey, so far and it's not too difficult for me yet (i am so bad at video games).  i like how the objectives are clearly laid out so i can stop and resume anytime but not get confused where i am.  yesterday i happened to be working on unlocking the deep storage in the arboretum and it requires voice verification to open the door.  AND ONE OF THE WORDS ON THE LIST WAS "HARMONICA".   now i am starting to think we are moving past the point of coincidence.  what are the odds?!  harmonica, of all words!!  anyway, i was able to unlock the door and i played for a bit longer but i'm hung up on a very large alien.  i don't have enough health to survive a hit and i don't have enough patience [today] to figure out how to beat it. so i quit and made dinner.

i started watching Workaholics.

i really need some brainless comedy in my life when the days get stressful.  i didn't even finish watching Mr Robot season 2 because the show was so stressful- it was making me feel messed up and anxious!  just from the tv show!  i have enough stress in real life, i'm not ready for fictional stress too! i was enjoying Trial and Error which premiered a few months ago.  now that it's over i was seeking out another comedy and Workaholics was recommended based on my love of It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia and Rick and Morty.  while i ate dinner last night i was watching the episode where the guys were supposed to catch an internet child predator but instead thought he was super cool and wanted to be his friend.  in the end, the guys did the right thing and the perv went to jail.  and in the jail.  the cell mate.  WAS PLAYING THE FREAKING HARMONICA.  i almost choked on my food when i saw it.  WTF is the universe trying to tell me?! what is with all these harmonicas?!?!?!?!!!!!!

i am really weirded out by all this right now.  have you ever had a crazy strange coincidence like this?! is there a glitch in the matrix? is this a sign of the apocalypse? should i buy and learn how to play the harmonica? tell me in the comments that i'm not crazy.


here's the friday 5.  i really haven't been putting a lot of effort into writing here, but i really enjoyed the week's questions so here i am.  answer for yourself or see others' answers here:

  1. What’s the most important single ingredient in trail mix?

    dried coconut CHUNKS.  not the shavings.  must be chunks.  or else dried papaya.
  2. What’s the most important single topping in a taco?


  3. What’s the coolest instrument in an orchestra?

  4. What’s your favorite animal at the zoo?

    i like the reptiles!
  5. Which are the best pieces in a sampler box of chocolates?

    ones with almonds and/or marshmallows

all right come close, let me tell you everything i know... 

RSD 2017

on saturday morning i couldn't get to a record store with the early morning die-hards because i was fulfilling my pious duty of bai san (also called ching ming or grave cleaning) way out in mililani. but i made it back to town a little after 3pm and walked over to ideas music and book shop to flip through the stacks.  i was hoping to find the thrice 7" and the balance and composure 7".  neither was to be found there.  but i did find three other things that are on my wishlist. 

1) Antics by Interpol
Evil, Slow Hands, and Public Pervert are long time favorites.  i even remember the first time i heard slow hands.  i was in 7th or 8th grade (because i was still living in makiki) and there used to be a late late night show on the style network that paired runway shows with music videos.  interpol blew my mind.  i can't even recall what other songs were shown on that program that night (or ever) except for slow hands. it's so cool to have a physical copy of a song that i love. 

2) All day and all of the night by The Kinks
All day and all of the night
i am on a quest to find singles of all my favorite kinks songs.  this one really rocks, right?! i'm still looking for Lola and You really got me. 

3) Louie Louie by The Kingsmen
Louie Louie
i really love 60s garage rock.  i'm trying to find more if you have any recommendations. this record in particular is special because it apparently came from Tom Moffatt!

i was worried it might not play because of the many scratches but i had to have this particular copy anyway. this is why i love record collecting.  not only does this physical object play music, but it was created a long time ago and physically transported to the present day.  it has a history! who was it's first owner and where did it come from? how old is it and how did it get here? i love knowing the answer to at least some of these questions for this particular record.  R.I.P. Tom Moffatt. i miss hearing your voice on the airwaves on saturday mornings. 

did you find anything good on record store day? 


i made carrot cake for the first time this week!

used a very simple recipe from ina garten.
grating the carrots was the most labor intensive part.  i pretty much avoided making carrot cake all these years because i really really didn't want to waste time grating carrots! but i really wanted to eat carrot cake so i set my mind (and my ipod to angry punk music) to it and... it didn't take as long as i thought. haha.

here's the original recipe:

i followed *almost* exactly.

here's how i did it:

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1- 1/3 cups veg oil
  • 3 eggs, at room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • 2 cups AP flour
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons b. soda
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons salt

add dry to wet in two or three parts. 
i also do not have electric hand or stand mixer since i moved so i folded gently by hand.

  • 1 pound carrots + 1 large carrot

fold this into batter with 1 cup chopped walnuts. i did not flour the carrots or walnuts because the batter was pretty thick, i didn't think it would sink due to the viscosity.  the batter thinned out a little once the carrots were in probably from residual juice. 

i didn't put raisins because i didn't have any. :C i added the extra carrot for two reasons: 1) replace some of the raisin volume 2) i didn't grate the 1# carrots completely.  i just ate the last inch of carrot so i don't have to worry about grating my fingernails and knuckles off. 

bake 400 deg F 10' then reduce temp to 350 deg F for 35'

for the frosting, again, i don't have a mixer so i just softened a block of cream cheese with sugar using a rice paddle. ;P  i didn't use marscapone (because i am poor) and i didn't use crystalized ginger (which i actually do have) because i was sharing with @wild_twinkies and she doesn't like ginger. 


SO HAPPY THE RECIPE WAS THIS SIMPLE! and i had all the ingredients on hand except the raisins. i really wish i had raisins it would have made the cake perfect.  otherwise, it was very good!  if i had a mixer it might have turned out less dense but it wasn't too dense to be enjoyable.  i really like spice cake/prune cake/fruit cake/gingerbread so i might have even ventured in the future to add nutmeg and/or clove but if you are like @wild_twinkies and prefer less spice, this is a prefect easy recipe.  at first taste, i thought it could use more flavor... but when you eat it with the frosting it's just right.  the cream cheese has just enough tang to make it perfect.  

will definitely be making this again! 


oh hey, did you notice it was 2017?
it's like... THREE MONTHS INTO 2017.
and only now i'm sitting down to write about my favorite music from 2016.
such procrastination! (much wow!)
anyway, i know in my heart what my top tunes of last year were.  but we are scientists.  we like data to back up hypotheses. so here it is!

i used smart playlists in itunes to build everything up (because i own my music, bitches.  support artists and pay up!  only a couple of dollars on bandcamp here and there, surely you can afford!) and i took a screen shot of the rules in case you want to check your top songs too.


- i discovered local band, Earl Grey, at the Motion City Soundtrack concert!  they were the opening band and i was so smitten, i immediately went home and bought their entire discography on bandcamp.  like, HOLY CRAP HOW ARE THESE GUYS NOT MORE WELL KNOWN THEY SOUND SO GOOOOOOD! i gush about them here if you want some more words and pictures: really, if you like Basement you are going to super fall in love with these guys.  i keep checking downbeat diner newsletter to see if they will be playing somewhere, i MUST SEE THEM AGAIN!

- the SVIIB story is so tragic. i don't know these people personally but i felt really really sad when i heard about benjamin curtis. it just seemed so final.  i was bummed when claudia left. but when ben passed away it was absolutely heartbreaking; no hope for a reunion.  he's irreplaceable in the band and ally was very publicly devastated.  :C  fast forward two years and i hear another album is coming... really set my heart ablaze!  the songs are so beautiful and has just enough sadness and closure to their story.  i've been following this band since their start (sometimes you can find me under the pseudonym POLITE GHOST- that comes from their song "half asleep" on their first album) and this is such a perfect album in their progression and their ending. 

- Capsize... i heard this while walking through a store in kahala mall.  such an ear worm!  i don't know anything else about this band. 

- Phantogram.  I LOVE PHANTOGRAM. every song on this is gold. recently it's been my workout music... sarah barthel is such a badass, it makes me feel like a badass.  more gushing about phantogram:

- Balance and Composure- i wrote a whole post about this album here: (see i told you i knew what albums would be my favorites)

- La Dispute: so this song is not new.  but the album, Tiny Dots, was a new release of their live acoustic show interspersed with the soundtrack from their documentary of the same name.  it's a very mellow album compared to their previous releases.  a chill winter with poetry kind of vibe.  i got the vinyl version from their subscription club. 


Nine might be my favorite LD song and it sounds so beautiful live.  it's not on the album, it was an extra download for subcribers and this alone made the subscription worth it (there was also a screen print poster but more on that later) here's the video for the song:

- culture abuse: my favorite album for running around in my one man mosh pit, destroying my house! love the song, chinatown!  sounds just like the chinatown around my neck of the woods too.  perfect companion to their earlier single (7"), Spray Paint the Dog.

- noticeably missing from this list: MORE TOUCHÉ AMORÉ!  i am a huge TA fan 

and Stage Four is REALLY REALLY GOOD.  it's just that... i was not in the mood.  it is a really gut wrenching, heart breaking album.  it's so honest that it hits you where it hurts and after i listened through the whole thing i was in tears and i was not ready to be sad again.  so i put off listening to it again until this year. except for "skyscraper".  it's a lovely duet with julien baker that makes me smile and think of a starry night.

here's what the playlist looks like by album cover.  a nice variety of color.  lots of reds. 


a lot of singles from mixed tapes (from record labels) and reclaiming old favorites.  i used to torrent music and now that i have a job and am trying to be morally responsible (ha!) i can purchase good quality recordings.  i will admit, i listened to some songs for years and did not know they were actually bootleg recordings and the album version sounds different!!!!!! some songs i downloaded back in the days before ipod and the meta data was wrong! in reality they were not even tracks on the album! so embarrassing... some songs were from a few years before but hadn't REALLY listened to them until now (like the TA album i mentioned above). the spread is about two decades! some songs are from the late 90s! and some from just last year. 

- i will always be a =weezer= fan.  EWBAITE was an album that felt to me like a return to the =W= i knew and loved.  i'm aware a white album came out after.  i haven't listened to much of it ("thank god for girls" was a turn off for me.  i just don't get that song. ) .  i also just listened to the single they dropped this week- it's good, but not necessarily the weezer that i want.  i'm curious to see what else they have up their sleeve! 

- bread.  O!A!L! is ally and claudia before sviib.  fyi. do you like psychadelic pop?  this song is so hypnotic, i just play it on repeat for hours. i have this on vinyl too. but i barely listen all the way through, i only want to hear bread over and over and over...


- i know some people find it hard to listen to The Saddest Landscape because they are not used to the yelling.  but the music is so pretty.  and when you REALLY see the lyrics you will realize, it is the most romantic music on the planet.

- Rozwell Kid's Weirdo is my new theme song. that is all.


i scrobbled over 2000 different songs last year!  in december when i was looking at the data, i saw i had a lot of duplicate scrobbles- the same song twice (or more!) with the same time stamp or with a time stamp one minute later.  i manually deleted about 3k individual scrobbles that i assumed were duplicates... and then i realized when i check my data for this year that songs that are on single repeat or in a playlist that is uninterrupted by pauses or reordering, etc. ALL GET THE SAME TIME STAMP.  so sometimes when i had ten scrobbles of the same song with the same time stamp i was probably working and was looping the same song ten times in the background and then later it got uploaded to they might not have been duplicates at all!  i can't be sure and i can't put back scrobbles that i erased so it is what it is.

here is the individual scrobble report from i out-scrobbled my friends by a long shot!  but again, it says i scrobbled one band 300+ times in one day?  this doesn't seem right... i am not sure if the numbers are correct, even with my manual deletions.

and here is the first page of the unique song list:

my analysis: even if the count is off, the songs are legit.
i just added Cleopatra to my library and i really latched on to that song so it got the most plays.  same for Kangaroo Pocket.  the reason why kangaroo pocket didn't show up in my itunes playlist near the top is because i picked up the song from the top shelf record mixed tape.  i listened to this song on repeat for about a month and then decided i wanted the whole album.  and once i got the album, i removed the single (from the mixtape) from my library for organization purposes (because i am a crazy person) and lost my play count.

on a daily basis, i organize my itunes library by playcount.  then i pull a smart playlist (called frequency) of the most listened to songs for my ipod and typically only listen to that on shuffle.  the majority of the most played songs in 2016 are songs from that playlist, so no surprises there either.


i guess to round out this post that has gone on too long already is to take a look at physical media.  some of the vinyl i added to my collection, off the top of my head:

- Weezer (buddy holly/jamie single)
- The Zombies (b/o)
- The Doors (s/t)
- La Dispute (thirteen flexi, tiny dots)
- Basement (colourmeinkindness)
- Atreyu (b/o)
-  Jawbreaker (dear you)
- Jack White (black bat licorice)
- Phantogram (Three)
- Rozwell Kid (Too Shabby)
- School of Seven Bells (Disconnect from Desire, SVIIB)

here is my record collection spreadsheet:

what did you love in 2016? what are you looking forward to in 2017?
do we have similar music taste?  or are my ear drums whack?
i loooooove long discussions about music so tell me in the comments!


two saturdays ago, when i saw the bougies, the main talent was




one of my all time favorite bands- it was a real dream come true to see them live! they are (were) on my bucket list of concerts to go to and THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT! the show was so good, they sound just as good live- if not better- than their recordings!


i was in the front row (of course) and the energy from the crowd was so great.  everyone knew all the words to all the songs and it is just so amazing to hear your favorite songs played right in front of you.  i got some great pictures for posterity, but mostly for my own memories.  a really great night, i hope they come back someday!






see my flickr for more phantogram eye candy. ♥


on saturday i saw THE BOUGIES at the republik.

The Bougies

The Bougies

great local band, go support!
you will like them if you like THE STROKES or THE PIXIES or THE SHOUT OUT LOUDS.
has that warm and scratchy surf garage rock sound.
you can catch them at downbeat diner every so often.

they have two albums right now. i recommend Talk to You and Not The Same from their most recent album.

from their first album, i recommend Society so Sore


movies added since 7/13/16 are in green
movies added since 1/17/16 are in red
movies added since the 1/2/15 list are in purple

  • hail, caesar!
  • under the skin (2014)
  • upstream color (2013)
  • wild tales (2014)
  • skeleton twins (2014)
  • only lovers left alive (2014)
  • sin city: a dame to kill for
  • rentaneko
  • air doll
  • s1m0ne
  • ip man 3
  • anchorman [2?]
  • lazer team (rooster teeth, limited theatrical release)
  • hardcore (first person action movie!)
  • frankenweenie (2012)
  • brave
  • john wick 2
  • the hobbit [1, 2, 3]
  • Django Unchained (2012)
  • oldboy (2003)
  • the big lebowski (1998) [brice de nice?]
  • manchester by the sea
  • project almanac
  • the departed
  • kiss kiss bang bang
  • arrival (2016)
  • zathura [space odyssey? space adventure?]
  • hitchhiker guide to the universe [?]
  • the station agent
  • 360 (2011)
  • Machete
  • moth man prophecies
  • oceans 13
  • bad turn worse
  • fist fight (2017)
  • the harry potter movies (i only saw 1 & 2, maybe 3, maybe 6)
  • dredd
  • american mary (2012)
  • zombieland
  • twilight movies (metric scored one of the movies w/howard shore? eclipse?)
  • incredible burt wonderstone
  • jack goes boating
  • the day
  • house of a 1000 corpses
  • silent hill
  • jacob's ladder
  • just buried (2007)
  • st vincent
  • borne identity (trilogy?)
  • synchronicity (2015)
  • ghost in the shell (the new one with scarlet johansen)
  • shawshank redemption
  • a walk amongst the tombstone (something with liam nesson)
  • the vvitch
  • cloverfield (there's a sequel?)
  • secret life of pets
  • transcendence (?)
  • ex machina
  • submarine
  • now you see me 2
  • the lobster
  • dune
  • tracers
  • minority report
  • going in style
  • swiss army man
  • the life aquatic

movies i really really liked are highlighted
movies with great soundtracks have an *

movies from the 7/13/16 list that i watched

  • Horrible bosses
  • Horrible bosses 2
  • Rock the kasbah
  • crimson peak
  • batman vs superman
  • suicide squad
  • the hateful eight
  • star wars rogue one

movies i watched since 7/13/16 that were never listed

  • The secret life of Walter Mitty *
  • Safety not guaranteed
  • Hanna
  • robot and frank
  • what we do in the shadows *
  • europa report

movies from the 1/17/16 list that i watched
  • hot fuzz *
  • the world's end
  • zoolander
  • deadpool
  • the interview
  • elysium
  • birdman *
  • american hustle
  • captain america civil war
  • antman

movies from the 1/2/15 list that i watched
  • the babadook (2014) 
  • a girl walks home alone at night (2014) *
  • grand budapest hotel
  • chef
  • interstellar (2014)
  • the mazerunner (2014)
  • no country for old men (2007)
  • the kingsmen
  • nightcrawler

movies that i watched since 1/17/16 that were never listed
  • cirque du soleil: worlds away
  • tropic thunder
  • inherent vice
  • a million ways to die in the west
  • lucy
  • revenge of the green dragons
  • john wick *
  • mission impossible ghost protocol
  • me, earl and the dying girl
  • garden state
  • mortdecai *
  • mission impossible rogue nation
  • while we're young
  • central intelligence
  • mr. right 
  • the voices
  • the huntsman: winter war
  • mad max road fury
  • zootopia
  • star wars vii : force awakens
  • the martian
  • the quiet american (both versions!)
  • brokeback mountain
  • sex and the city
  • prince avalanche
  • 100 foot journey
  • darjeeling limited
  • moonrise kingdom
  • seeking a friend for the end of the world
  • enders game
  • donnie darko
  • RIPD
  • The Monuments Men
  • brazil
  • blade runner
  • paul

the previous list:
an earlier list:
the first list :


this month has been mostly packing, and moving, and unpacking, and building shelves, and washing dishes. and still holding down that full time job. phew! too tired to blog more.

today i am so relieved. my jury duty is cancelled so i still have all day to pack-move-unpack. i can also stop splitting my clothes between two houses so that will be a relief. another burden lifted: i'm getting a tax return! i was really worried i'd have to pay this time around because i don't have any college tuition or research grants to include. it turns out- it actually made filing easier! i can finally do a regular 1040ez again!

(wow. i just realized how sad this is; i'm excited because my taxes were easy. what is happening to me...)

anyway, i think i have another week of the pack-move-unpack before i'm done. so expect more radio silence until i'm transplanted.

yesterday, however, i took some time off from packing (ok, that's a lie, i moved two boxes and washed a whole sink of new cookware) to hang out with my best gal, EmM, visiting from the big island!!

per our usual, it was fancy breakfast (at Bread and Butter. where Pietro's used to be, next door to shokudo. i rate it 3/5 stars.)

and hours of talking and laughs.

we took a walk around the mall because Em specifically wanted to get bath bombs. she took me to LUSH and i bought my very first bath bombs. i tried one today and HOLY FFFFFF THEY ARE SO MAGICAL! I FEEL LIKE A MERMAID! you can't see it here but there is totally gold dust floating in this too it's like drifting through the deep ocean!

soon: new sorority noise!!!! so excited for this album, here's the first single:




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